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Richard and Rogelia had the sweetest ceremony at London Bridge Baptist Church, surrounded by their family, followed by portraits at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.  I loved being able to capture this wonderful couple’s simple, intimate, and very special ceremony that was the perfect way celebrate the joining of their two families.



Would you believe that these portraits were shot on a beach crowded with tourists??  It looks like they had the beach to themselves, doesn’t it?  Thanks so much, Richard and Rogelia, for inviting me to celebrate with you and capture your big day!  And… for trusting me to capture exactly what you had in mind for your beach portraits, despite the crowd!!

Ashlynn and Jake were such a dream to work with during their seaside engagement session at a tucked away beach access off Chick’s Beach in Virginia Beach.

It was one of those days every photographer dreads… the weather was so iffy – Do we reschedule? Do we chance it and see what happens?  Am I going to drag my clients all the way out there just to have them turn around and go home?

Ya’ll we got soooooo lucky!!!  We decided to make a go of it and the results couldn’t be more amazing!  Between rain showers we were lucky enough to get this awesome haze that acted as a natural reflector and Ashlynn’s hair… in the seabreeze… this beauty practically hit mermaid status! (Although… she may not appreciate me saying so… homegirl doesn’t know she’s gorgeous!!)



Thanks for being such naturals in front of the camera and for taking a chance on this crazy weather! You guys totally rocked it!!!

He’s here!!  Caleb Christopher Daugherty was born March 6 at 11:36 PM weighing 10 lbs 5 oz and 21.5 inches long.

And am I ever thankful we didn’t make it to 40 weeks!!

We spent the Saturday that I hit 38 weeks doing a massive purge and packing up our house.  We worked hard and I was on my feet all day long.  Miserable, swollen, and exhausted.  But… trying to be trooper… I put a smile on my face and did my best to keep up with the hubs without complaining.  In my mind though, I just kept thinking… if this puts me into labor, I’m gonna be one exhausted momma!

And low and behold… 3 am on Sunday morning, the contractions started!

I’ll save the birth story for another day…  but here are our 40 week pictures we took with Caleb at almost 2 weeks old!


Thanks for sticking around for the entire 40 weeks!!

Today the man I fondly refer to as Surfer Hubs and I celebrate our third wedding anniversary.  Whew, what a wild ride the last three years have been!  Life has certainly thrown us our fair share of challenges and there have definitely been more than a few times when the world seemed out to get us… but through it all we’ve made the most of every moment, laughed every day, and fallen even more ridiculously in love.  (I know… mushy and gross sounding… but oh so true!)

So… to celebrate our little milestone, I thought I’d share our session with Amanda Hedgepeth documenting yet another little milestone in our life.

First, let me give Amanda a little love… 🙂

This favorite photog of mine has been there practically from the beginning of our love story and I knew when it came time to document this moment that it couldn’t be anyone but her behind the camera.  It just wouldn’t have felt right!  She’s photographed two engagement sessions, bridal portraits – twice, rehearsal dinner, our wedding, and a couple’s session for our first Christmas as a married couple.

I’ve never asked Chris for anything.  Never.  (I’m not really one to ask anyone for anything.)  Until now.  He was struggling trying to come up with a Christmas gift for me and I knew the one thing I wanted was a maternity session with Amanda.  And it turned out to be one of the best gifts I’ve ever received!!  Just look at these images capturing one of the biggest moments in our lives right as we’re just weeks from becoming parents!


Thank you so much, Amanda, for once again knocking it out of the park and giving us these amazing images that I know I will cherish forever!!

And the biggest thank you to my absolutely wonderful hubs for always being willing to step in front of a camera with me!  It means the world that you’re such a great sport about documenting our love story!!

And, of course, happy anniversary, Hunny!  If I’ve learned anything in this last year, it’s that I couldn’t do this without you.  You are my rock.  The one I lean on in the storm.  The one I laugh with.  The one I’m silly with.  And the one I want always by my side on this crazy ride we call life!



More swelling, more nose bleeds, and some elevated blood pressure. Oh, and let me not forget the back spasms.  Sounds like fun, huh?2016-04-01_0002

And actually… it’s not so bad.  Or maybe I’m just in denial.  But, despite the totally normal symptoms I’m experiencing… I really expected pregnancy to be much worse.  Much, much worse based on what people keep telling me they experienced and what I should expect.  This is not so comfortable… but it really isn’t that bad.  Hopefully I’m not jinxing myself for these last two weeks!!2016-04-01_0003

One thing I will say, this momma-to-be needs to sloooooow down!  I’ve been doing to much for several weeks now… but really… it’s time to give in.  Trying to cram a CPR class in Virginia Beach and my maternity portrait session in OBX in on Saturday and then a boat ride looking for whales – yes, whales! even though we didn’t see any 🙁 – and dinner with friends in on Sunday made for one miserably swollen and dizzy (thanks to that elevated BP) momma-to-be on Monday.  Whew!2016-04-01_0004

Really, I’m just trying to embrace these last few days.  And even though I focus on each day as it comes (because who knows when the actual day will be!) this is the last time I’ll feel this baby wiggling it’s feet and hands in my belly, the last time I’ll feel those teeny little hiccups from the inside, the last time I’ll wonder who this little person that I’ve carried for the last 10 months really is.

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